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Kate Reid Cover Reveal!


After a long, hot summer that hasn't let up just yet, I am ready to present to you the cover for the new Kate Reid novel, "See You Again".

Although I don't have an official launch date, it will hit Amazon in the coming weeks. So, check out the blurb below and I'll keep you all posted when a date is set!

And, for those of you in the path of Hurricane Laura--please stay safe! You will be in my thoughts!


Here's the scoop:

It was the last day of their honeymoon and murder was the last thing on their minds.

While staying at a beautiful historic resort in Vermont, Special Agent Kate Reid and Senior Unit Agent Nick Scarborough prepare to begin a new chapter in their lives. And on their return to D.C., they each embark upon separate paths. However, when young newlyweds are found murdered at the same resort, a couple whom they had previously met, the local police ask Kate and Nick to return for statements.

It is then that Kate learns of the horrific nature of the murders. A rare act committed against one of the victims suggests the killer seeks revenge, but for what?

When the local police ask for assistance, Kate brings the case to team leader, Cameron Fisher. But it isn’t until a victim turns up in another New England town that Fisher agrees to take it on.

Having lost valuable time, Kate must now work with new lead profiler, Jonathan Surrey and the two appear to make a formidable team.

Romantic New England resort towns are the killer’s targets. And when Kate’s dogged pursuit puts her own life in danger, she’ll have no one but herself on which to rely.

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