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New Release! - Blackwaters

For those of you who have been waiting for Book 5 in the Kate Reid series--the wait is almost over!

On December 1, 2015, Blackwaters will be released!

This latest book finds Kate searching for answers on her own and hunting for a killer who casts his victims into the murky, black water rivers of the south.

All the while, turmoil brews inside the FBI as Nick fights to save his career and the life he has come to know.

Below is a brief excerpt to give you a taste of what's to come in... Blackwaters.

The boys arrived at the sheriff’s office in record time. Without their gear and given their present state of mind, it was easy for them to move fast. Braydon jumped off his bike and let it fall to the sidewalk just out front of the building’s entrance. Connor was steps behind. He pushed through the glass doors, still damp from the fall into the water, but no longer dripping. The woman behind the front desk wore a uniform. Her hair pulled back tightly and heavy-set, she rose up quickly at the sight of what she seemed to recognize as two frightened kids. “Can I help you boys?” Almost on cue, Connor started up the waterworks. Not intentionally, of course. It just happened. He was a scared twelve-year old boy. “It’s okay,” Braydon reassured him before returning his attention to the female deputy. “Ma’am, we found something in the river, down past the cove.” He could hardly bring himself to say what it was. As if the mere mention of a dead body would somehow make it haunt him. “What did you find, son?” Braydon was a pretty tough kid, but this was too much for him. His eyes reddened and he sniffed, but tried desperately to hold it together. His bottom lip soon began to quiver. For a boy who stood nearly six feet at only fourteen, the incident had reduced him from the man he was trying to be to the boy he was. “It was a hand.” “I’m sorry? Did you say a hand?” The woman’s brow narrowed and the lines in her forehead turned severe. “Yes, ma’am. A hand and I’m pretty sure it was attached to a body, but I just couldn’t see. I fell in and…” His words dropped off, no longer able to contain his emotions, his eyes spilled over with tears. “For God’s sake.” She walked around the desk and took Braydon by his shoulders. “Come sit down. You too, young man,” she said to Connor. “Now, I need you to calm down. Relax and take a deep breath. Can you do that for me?” Braydon nodded and took Connor’s hand as he sat down next to him.

“Okay then. Where were you?”

“At the cove. We were fishing,” Braydon replied.

“Yeah, just fishing,” Connor agreed.

“And you saw a hand? Are you sure it was a hand?” Braydon was growing impatient at her condescension. “I’m sure. I fell into the water and I—I was up close to it. I saw an arm—but nothing else. Water was too murky.” The deputy pursed her lips and began to nod her head. “I see. Okay, can you boys just sit here for one minute? I need to get Deputy Burgess to come talk to you.” Connor waited for the woman to disappear beyond the corridor. “Are we gonna get in trouble for skipping school?” Braydon rolled his eyes. “I think they’ve got bigger problems than us missing a day of school.” “Sure, you’re right.” He looked back at Braydon. “Mom’s gonna be pissed.”

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