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Beyond the Clearing - Cover Reveal!

The cover for Beyond the Clearing is finally here!

My latest suspense/thriller is set to be released in March and I'm excited to bring you a glimpse of what's to come.

Stay tuned for information on the Book Launch Giveaway coming soon via Facebook and Twitter. Also, be sure to check out Goodreads and sign up to receive a signed print copy starting March 1st!

BEYOND THE CLEARING, Coming March, 2014

In memory of a dear friend who had been taken too soon, they decide to honor a wish that was left unfulfilled. The Serenity resort, carved into the stunning red rock mountains would be the place to celebrate the life of their beloved Diane. To allow reflection on their own lives, Maggie, Rachel and Susan thought this would be the perfect getaway.

But the resort holds an ancient and deadly secret, one that employee, Tony DeLuca, tries hard to ignore. It is only when Susan comes to him after an unexplained event that he’s left with little choice but to face it head on.

The sacred grounds beyond the clearing is the place where Rachel and Susan are presented with glimpes of lives different from their own by the demon whispering promises of change.

Warnings of what will come to pass arise from a most unexpected source, delivered by one who is waiting for her horrifying visions to reveal a purpose.

Now it’s up to Maggie, who must trust her new found allies, to come to her aid when all are faced with a new problem. What if coming back isn’t an option?

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