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As I approach the launch of the latest installment in my Redwood Violet series, I find myself reflecting back on the very first character I ever created--Kate Reid, our heroine of the story. Over the course of these now, four books in the series, Kate has evolved to such an extent that I scarcely recall who she was on Day One. But then, I guess that's sort of how I feel myself. Although the first book in the series--my debut novel--was published in the spring of 2013, it was in fact, years in the making. My evolution as a writer has not been nearly as traumatic and terrifying as our heroine’s life, fortunately, but it has been a dramatic one nonetheless.

The lessons learned from that first book I started so long ago and the lessons I continue to learn as I write each new novel have, I hope, made each book better than the last. And while I continue to strive to put to paper the most exciting tale I can, I will never forget where I started; how hard it was to get that first sale and how hard it still is to stay visible and expand my readership.

I am grateful to those who have supported me and continue to support me through positive (and constructive) feedback. I have learned much from my editor, my beta readers and my fans.

So here I am, ready to release Gone Unnoticed

and I am happy with who Kate Reid has become. I know not everyone (and you know who you are) has been happy with the outcome of her life so far, but she is nothing if not resilient. And the same goes for me.

I ask my readers and those who have yet to discover my work, please watch out for Gone Unnoticed, coming August 7th, 2015. I think you'll find Kate has become a woman that no one, not even me, would have ever realized!

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