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Robin Mahle - Author and Blogger?

Yes to the first part and, well... I'm working on the second.

Thanks for making it this far on your journey of discovery into my world. I can tell you that my website has boasted my blog as "coming soon," for quite some time. So i figured if I'm going to ask you to believe in me as an author, maybe I should take the time to introduce myself.

I am the mother of two awesome kids, who are growing up way too fast, and wife to an incredibly supportive husband.

Since this month's launch of my new psychological suspense novel, REDWOOD VIOLET, my family has stood by me while I wade through the mass of public relations requirements. It isn't easy for a debut author to make her way, but I will keep working at it. And, it is fun, for the most part. I've learned a lot!

I don't intend to bore you with constant plugs of my work (only occassional), but I do hope you'll stick with me as I continue to claw my way out of the slushpile of obscurity. I have a great many stories to tell and I want to share them with you.

My posts will be bi-weekly, so keep an eye out! I hope to have news about attending a writer's conference in New York next month. That should be fun! Me and my best girlfriend in New York. What could go wrong?

In the meantime, if you're so inclined, checkout my website for more information and links to my work.

And, since I am a bit of a novice in the blogosphere, I welcome advice from others who have been doing this much longer than me!

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