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When I was growing up, I enjoyed reading books that made me flip the pages as fast as I could because I couldn't wait to find out what happened. Well, I haven't changed much.  The stories I write are fast-paced, mystery and suspense/thrillers that I hope will leave you wanting more! 


My books are available at these retailers:

Law of Five - A Redwood Violet / Kate Reid Novel

Book three in the bestselling series, Kate Reid finds herself in the midst of a national manhunt for a killer. Click image for more details.

All the Shiny Things (Redwood Violet 2)

Part 2 in the thrilling series, Katie finds herself taking matters into her own hands. She won't stop until she finds him.

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Redwood Violet Book 1

A Bestselling Mystery/Crime novel, follow Katie Reid as she discovers the truth of her past!

Click image for more details.


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Claire McKenna stumbles onto a conspiracy at her firm and may be forced to become a part of it. This Corporate Suspense/Thriller is not to be missed! 

Click image for more details.

Beyond the Clearing

A Five-Star Readers' Favorite, this Supernatural / Suspense novel will haunt you long after you finish it!

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