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Law of Five

(a Redwood Violet / Kate Reid Novel)






This third installment in the Redwood Violet series changes everything for Katie Reid.



The nationwide manhunt begins and the media dubs him the “Highway Hunter.” Bodies left roadside, on display with horrific markings; a calling card. But this case is miles away from Katie Reid and her life with Detective Marshall Avery.


That is, until she gets the call from her old friend and reporter, Marc Aguilar, who believes that the killer could be coming their way.


With her work at the police department and her recent personal struggles, questions are raised about the future and Katie resists the urge to consider Marc’s request, knowing Marshall will insist that this isn’t their fight.


That quickly changes, however, when an acquaintance of Katie’s is suspected of a murder all too similar to that of the so-called Highway Hunter. Now, the case seems to be right at their doorstep and so is her friend, FBI Agent Nick Scarborough.


With growing evidence suggesting there could be more than one killer, four lives have already been taken. Who will number five be?


"That The Law of Five is a gripping psychological investigative mystery drama is largely due to Robin Mahle's attention to creating a protagonist who has survived much, only to find her past haunting her future happiness."
                                                                                    -D.Donovan, Midwest Book Review

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