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If Redwood Violet Became a Movie!

So, I thought I'd have a little fun today. After having, what I consider, a fairly successful promotion for REDWOOD VIOLET on Amazon over this past weekend, I got to thinking. What if it was made into a movie?

Ahhh, dream of all dreams--My book being optioned for a movie. Hey, it could happen!

The first name that popped into my head was Tom Hardy of Batman fame. He was also in This Means War, Lawless and tons of other films. I think he would be the perfect Det. Marshall Avery! Not the way he looked in Batman, of course, more along the lines of his character in Lawless - the strong, silent type. Detective Avery has a mysterious quality about him; reserved and vigilant. Tom Hardy even has hazel eyes; at least, I think they're hazel. Ok, so Marshall Avery has green eyes. It's close enough.

For Katie, the female lead in my book, I had to think a little harder. She is strong and determined, but young and sometimes fearful of embracing that determination. Who could play such a character? And then, it came to me. Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook, Hunger Games). She can play a tough, strong-willed character to a T!

I try to steer away from overly describing the appearance of my characters when I write because I think readers would prefer to use their imaginations. But, this is how I see them, to a degree. And, really, it's likely because of the movie roles each of these actors has portrayed. I see a resemblance in their personalities to that of my own characters. But yes; this would be my ideal cast if someone came along and said, "How would you feel about a movie adaptation of Redwood Violet?" What an amazing thing to think that maybe...just maybe, could happen!

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